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We Respect What You Have Worked Hard To Establish

When it comes to business, the best things in life are rarely free. Building your financial health, establishing a career and growing a business all take a significant amount of effort. They also involve a lot of risk, which is why you should always have an attorney who knows your business on hand to help provide legal guidance and protect your interests.

Our law firm is based on lifelong attorney-client relationships, because we know it is extremely ineffectual and expensive to have to find a new lawyer every time you need to sign a contract or make a purchase for your business.

At the office of Tim Mahoney, Attorney at Law, in Austin, we appreciate the tremendous effort you have and will continue to devote to your professional career and business interests. We will use our skill and business law experience to help you protect your lifework.

Entering Into A Contract? Being Proactive Is Much Better Than Reactive.

Contracts are the foundation for all companies and regulate every business relationship in any industry. Whether you are at the stage of entity formation, winding down a business or anywhere in between, being proactive is better than reactive. Breach of contract issues are expensive and time consuming to resolve. You can avoid a substantial amount of money wasted and headache by making sure your contract is drafted properly and adequately protects your interests.

Attorney Tim Mahoney knows contracts. With his years of experience, he can help you decipher confusing language and understand how the sections work together to establish the rights and responsibilities of each party. We will draft or review many contracts such as employment and separation agreements, residential and commercial leases or transactions for the purchase or sale of a business.

Of course, you cannot prepare for every problem. We also provide litigation assistance when you face issues from a minor breach of contract to partnership disputes. When a matter is out of our hands, we will refer you to a business lawyer we trust and you can rely on to handle your matter effectively and efficiently.

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